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Kelly Breaux


Kelly Breaux has gone from World Champion Houston Rocket Cheerleader to movie and television choreographer to International Fitness Presenter. She has been a featured guest on Fox Networks Resort and Spa, FIT.TV and ESPN's Crunch Fitness. In addition, she has acted as a performer and co-choreographer for Paula Abdul's latest cardio dance video. Some of her other Star clients include Salma Hayek, Kirstie Alley, Maria Bello and Annabeth Gish.

Kelly has traveled to over forty countries teaching world class fitness to aerobic teachers and gym owners. She has also coached and choreographed over 100 top Ms.Fitness competitors from all over the world, many of whom have brought home numerous national, world and universe titles.

Kelly graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Health and Physical Education. She was a physical education teacher in Houston, Texas for several years . While working on her master's degree in Exercise Physiology, she taught at the collegiate level courses in Skills for Adolescents, Health, Fitness and Aerobics.

Kelly is a pioneer in her field and strives to always keep it on the cutting edge. Her innovative street jam, hip hop and funk moves have been called "... some of the best stuff this side of the Atlantic" according to the London author, Martika Hearner in her book "Secrets of an Aerobic Instructor".

Kelly has presented as a keynote speaker at the National Woman's Entrepreneur Annual Conference and energized thousands at the National Children's Obesity Conference.

For the last several years she has turned her focus and attention to motivate and inspire millions of children around the world. Now these kids get the opportunity to see what top fitness teachers, dance students and enthusiasts have been raving about.

After discovering the magical fitness effects of the hoop she has vowed to get as many human beings hooping for happiness and peace around the globe. Her mission is to bring together people of all ages, all levels of fitness, and all walks of life, to hoop, to dance, to dream as one...

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William Erickson


William Erickson also known as "Hooper-Star William" is a role model for young adults with his action packed show stopping hoop solos. He has hooped with many of the top professionals in the world, traveling the nation performing for hundreds of thousands of people of all ages.

He puts the audience in a hoopnotic trance with his mesmerizing tricks and signature moves always leaving the crowd cheering for more.

In the past William spent many years developing community systems for some of the largest entertainment companies in the world such as Time Warner, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and others.

These days William places his focus on events for social change that benefit children and giving back to the community. He also spends much of his time writing a children's trilogy and soon will be completing his first work.

His mission is to see as many children moving in the hoop for a healthier, happier and peaceful world.

William Hooping it up on Westwood.

Kelly Breaux, our fitness expert in Paula Abdul's Cardio Dance Video.