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HOOPITUP! can energize your event with our world-renowned fitness experts and motivational speakers.

We have over twenty years experience uplifting and inspiring audiences across the globe.

Using our specially designed hand-made hoops and easy to learn methods our experts will have your entire group hooping and grooving within minutes.

We empower people using our F.U.N. approach. Three simple keys to a healthier, happier, and fit lifestyle.

We customize programs for special events or partnerships with organizations, governemnet agencies, corporations, foundations and more.


Make your party the talk of the town. Whatever you have to celebrate HOOPITUP! can customize a party that fits your needs.

Our International dance choreographer will rock your party with the hottest, upbeat music and latest dance moves that are easy to follow (All can be done in or outside the hoop).

Our world-class hoopers will put you in a trance with their hypnotizing moves and mastery-level performances.

One of our most popular theme parties is our 70's Disco Bash. Dust off your platform shoes and grab your afro's as we get super funky inside the hoop, "Get your hoop on!". Our ultra-cool colored hoops and state-of-the-art sound equipment are provided.

Corporate Events

A HOOPITUP! corporate event is a great way to unify your entire staff. Unloosen your ties, roll up your sleeves and put on a hoop for a positive message of team-building.

Our fitness professionals will motivate, inspire and teach your staff important messages of health, fitness and happiness. Studies prove that a healthy and fit employee takes fewer sick days, is more productive and has a much more positive outlook on life.

Many of our corporate hoopers are hooping for thirty minutes a day on their lunch break which burns the same amount of calories as running three miles. With our specially hand made hoops and easy to learn methods we will have your entire staff hooping and grooving in minutes.